Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I recently joined Twitter! I am an admitted Facebook-aholic and while trying to break myself of one bad habit I've incorporated another. I'm struggling a little bit, trying to understand Twitter, but I'm still loving it at the same time.  I've decided one of the pros and cons of Facebook is that you can find your friends there. These people really know me, can find me, and can talk about me behind my back, so I am pretty careful what I share on there. On Twitter I'm feeling rather liberated! I can say what ever I want- solicit advice and information from people with similar interests and problems- without becoming the water cooler topic of the day! I have my real picture on there but I'm considering changing it to a less recognizable one. I'm worried that one day I'll be found out and all my fun will end!

I feel like I have taken some pretty good steps toward better understanding Twitter today and made some @username replies to some people that I've wanted to communicate with. I even made a couple posts with some #topics to see if I get any replies from people who don't follow me! Yeah, it's a little sad that this is exciting to me.  We'll see how well my enthusiasm holds up a few days from now.

To find me on Twitter my user name is TwitChic1. I have my blog URL listed there but not on Facebook. Shocking, huh? :-)

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  1. Right on! I agree, twitter can be a freer environment. But it is also indexable by Google (unlike most facebook stuff) so whatever goes up there ends up on the web for a long time.