Friday, September 17, 2010

Michaele Salahi in the News Again

Michaele Salahi is making headlines again, now because she's revealed she's been diagnosed with MS (for 17 years.)  I'm not debating that she does or doesn't have MS, but as I was reading the article on FoxNews my mouth nearly fell open when I saw one of the reasons why she decided to speak up about it now. 

On the TV reality show Real Housewives of where-ever that she's currently on, "they" are apparently accusing her of having an eating disorder because she's so thin. Wow- sign me up for that symptom! Oops, off topic...

I actually feel sorry for this woman because she is so obviously screwed up, but that doesn't mean I'm any less frustrated by her. Misinformed or plain dumb... or maybe she's smarter than we give her credit for and this is yet another intentional, outrageous claim to get her in the news.  Maybe she has a good agent! Ugh, venting, moving on...

I'm going to fall back on one of the founding principals of eBay and assume Ms. Salahi, like all people, is basically good.  That said, I'd like to just take a moment to jump on my soap box and loudly announce, not all problems are MS related.  Having Multiple Sclerosis does not shield you from other medical problems. This is not a complicated concept to grasp! A person with MS can still have heart problems, cancer, diabetes, eating disorders, blah, blah, blah! Name it you can get it. It just frustrates me. A lot of things frustrate me. It's a good thing I have tools like Facebook, Twitter and Blogger to vent. :)

Speaking about venting, I feel like crap today. I've been struggling with a muscle spasm in my chest and its kept me awake the last two nights. Being awake has given me a lot of time to toss around all possible reasons for this chest pain, and I've considered everything from heartburn to a heart attack. I decided it must just be a spasm because 1) I didn't die and 2) it wasn't really in the right area to be heartburn. It did cause me a considerable amount of pain - it especially hurt to take deep breaths or lie flat- but it was in only one specific place on the right side of my chest. Anyone want to take a whack at what it was? I considered taking a muscle relaxant and/or some TUMS but I hurt too badly to get up to get it. Also, while I was busy obsessing, I wondered what a muscle relaxant might do to my heart if I took it and really was having a heart attack. Anyway, this is what I blame my exhaustion, random aches and pains, and head ache on today. I'm dying to take a Nuvigil to see if it makes me alert and productive. (I'm trying to wait until noon so it doesn't wear off too early!) I wasn't having much luck with Nuvigil at first but I've upped my dosage to 125 mgs and have noticed some improvement. I know a Provigil would fix me but I'm trying to make a switch to Nuvigil. After all, I have a coupon!

In my defense, I was about to call the doctor but I waited and now the pain has stopped. Yahoo!  I've been up there a lot lately and it's starting to get embarrassing. :)

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