Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We had an awesome weekend with some old friends!  Maybe I should say dear friends instead of old?? lol As we near and enter our 40's sometimes the slightest of adjectives can give our hearts a little heave. Yeah, yeah-- it's only a number. Blah blah blah. But, I digress.

One of our dearest friends- I've known him since I was about 16; my husband met him in college and became best friends, and he was the best man in our wedding 17 years ago-surprised us and came to visit us with his wife and son.  This was no small act of kindness! He lives in Texas, flew to ID and decided to drive to Montana on his wife's birthday to see us!!  We hadn't had the pleasure of meeting her before, but a pleasure it was!  She's awesome, he's still awesome, and we spent the time together with no awkwardness. We haven't seen him in several years and it was like no time had passed at all. And, it was like we've known her forever.  I feel like such a cad that we didn't drive to ID to see them.  We were thinking about it, but I have my house issues I want, no need, to solve SOON, my father in law is having some problems he needed hubby's help with, and we are having some serious car issues and aren't sure we have a vehicle that could make the trip... so we decided we should stay home.  Their act of packing up and coming here to see us was the nicest thing I can remember anyone doing for us in the longest time!  It was perfect timing too, since hubby has been pretty down lately- he looked truly happy.  It was so nice to see him smiling naturally again. It was so nice seeing the two of them together again!! It was just all very, very nice!!! :-D

As for the string in the side of my head, this morning I decided I've had enough and yanked it, HARD. OMG- was that ever the wrong thing to do!!!  I yanked it and my scab popped off!! (Refer to the larger than life picture in my last blog if you want to see why this was alarming.) It HURT. And the string stayed in place.  I learned my lesson and I am leaving it alone. If it's still there in a month, I'll make an appointment.  :-)

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