Saturday, September 4, 2010

Can you see this???

Sorry for the disgusting factor, but this is the string still sticking out of the side of my face. Directly above is the scab from where the mole was removed. It's the healthy skin in between that's beginning to make me nervous about it. The doctor yanked on it Thursday and said to give it a few more days and I should be able to pull it out. Right now I'm like a child with a loose tooth and its not budging. I was showing my hubby and as he took a step near me i shrieked not to touch it! I know for a fact he could get it out but I'm nowhere near that stage yet! One time I had a cramp in my foot that sent my big toe and second toe in two opposite directions. He approached me very caringly like he was going to massage it out and then suddenly grabbed my foot and shoved all of my toes into place. OMG! That hurt so freaking bad! Literally twenty years have passed and I'm still scared to have him "help" me in those types of situations. Oh well...its been about 9 days since my PCP attached a bow to the side of my face. Hopefully its gone soon!!
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