Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tech Football...first game of the season

Quinn and Taylor are staying with us this weekend, so we all went to the football game tonight. It was a fun game but Tech lost. This year they have an awesome new scoreboard though. The local gym had a "flex cam" and a local dentist sponsored a "kiss cam". If I had to pick one to get caught on it'd definitely be the flex cam! Unfortunately my luck isn't that good and we got caught on the kiss cam. Ugh! I didn't fix my hair or wear make up. I wore my broken (although repaired with scotch tape) sunglasses, which I got quite a few comments about actually...and completed the look with stitches in the side of my face. oh and i wore sweats and a gray hoodie!! Any way, it was not my finest moment and i got to see it on the big screen with everyone else in the packed stadium. I bet my husband felt very proud!!

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