Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last day of August!

Wow, where did the month go??  I had big goals for August and I blew them all. Deep sigh!! Oh well, I guess there's no sense dwelling on it and I will shift all of those goals to September! September is historically a cooler month anyway, and the cooler is it the more I can accomplish.  That is until the snow shows up, but I'm not going to think about that right now!

I lost absolutely no weight for my doctor's appointments a week ago, but I hadn't gained either. I was actually pretty happy about that! Approximately two years ago I was 20 lbs less than I am right now.  I was wondering why that happened and I realized that 1) my mother, who I was extremely close to and her primary caregiver, died and 2) a couple of months after her death I had a nasty MS attack that took forever to get under control.  Since that revelation I decided I should stop beating myself up about this weight thing, start thinking positively, live healthier, and the weight should fix itself, right? LOL

Goals for September-- eat right and exercise daily.  Get my house situation under control and either sell or at least have people living in them by the end of the month. Apply to get my passport!!!  I think that's enough for now...

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