Friday, August 27, 2010

The dreaded week is over!

I've been dreading this week for a month and I'm a relieved it's over.  Tuesday I had an MRI of the brain, Thursday I was supposed to get the results, and Friday I had my annual check up scheduled.  The MRI actually went faster and with less side effects than my previous scans have.  That was a good thing!  Unfortunately when I went to my appointment on Thursday my doctor had not yet received the radiologist's report, and the CD they sent him didn't work.  He was able to pull up images of my brain scans, although a bit fuzzy, over his intranet and had nothing bad to report.  That means there are no active lesions right now.  That didn't surprise me because I feel fine.  Now we just have to wait to get that radiologist's report to see if any new lesions formed between my last scan and this scan. My vote is no, so keep your fingers crossed.  The last time we compared scans I had around 10 new lesions, with one nasty one that caused me a world of problems. We don't like those...

Now onto Friday!  Poked, prodded and cut open.  What was I thinking??  I've had a mole in front of my right ear my entire life that has always bothered me.  I decided to have it removed today. I have discomfort and periodic bursts of pain that feels like my ear drum is going to rupture.  I didn't expect to have the threat of my ear drum rupturing post mole removal, and I have to admit its a little unnerving. Hopefully it goes away soon or I'll be calling the doctor back on Monday to complain about it.

My last complaint of late is this chronic headache. I told both of my doctors and they just nodded and wrote down that I have one. I think I maybe should have asked if they could fix it.  I might at my follow up appointment on Thursday or when I get the call about my MRI report. That is if I remember to mention it. I meant to write a note of things I wanted to ask the doctor, but I forgot to write the note.  So I of course have a few questions I forgot to ask. Next time maybe I'll be more organized...

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