Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday lunch date day!!

Last night I was so tired!  I went to the store (twice actually) and cooked dinner.  The youngest had tumbling until 7:30 so hubby stayed uptown and waited for her.  The youngest said at tumbling a young girl did some sort of trick that sent her crashing through a glass window.  I hope she's ok and didn't get hurt too badly!!  We ate at about 7:45-- super late for us, cleaned up, I watched Days in about 35 minutes and then I went to sleep!!  Funniest part was that when I announced I was going to bed, both girls agreed it was time-- the TV went off and we all went to sleep.  That never happens!!  They got up early yesterday though so they were probably tired because of that.

So, how's this BLOG so far??  LOL!!  Can you tell I did nothing yesterday?  I didn't even cook a healthy meal!  Well- I remembered vegetables so I get a fraction of a point.  Only a fraction though because it was a sucky vegetable.  The main course was enchiladas so I chopped up some onions, tomato and lettuce to put on top also.  AND I opened a can of sliced olives and a can of diced jalapenos!!  LOL!!  Another fraction of a point for the colorful toppings.  Then I did slice a couple of avocados and placed a box of spring greens on the counter to act as an attempt at salad.  So, I guess I get 1 point. ;-)  Still not admitting to the vegetable I served! LOL

I'm so happy it's FRIDAY!!!  I'm going to lunch with some girlfriends today and I already know what I am having...Cobb salad.  Yum yum yum!!


  1. I went to bed at 7:30 last night. :)

    Mystery vegetables. Hmmmm. :)

    Have fun on your lunch date! I get to go to the dentist at noon. Yea!!!! ...not. lol

  2. Yeah, I decided you are probably the only one that reads this and I didn't want the lecture!! LMAO (hanging my head in shame!!) I need to go to the dentist too. You are a good role model for many reasons!! =)