Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Last night I went to the gym and just did the elliptical and the stationary bike. I should have written it down but I think I went about 2.5 miles on the elliptical which was about 350 cals and I know I did just over 7 miles on the bike which was 107 cals. Quite a difference there I thought!!

There were tons of cars in the parking lot but it still didn't seem like that many people were there. More than I am used to seeing, but still not too crowded. I knew the people on the treadmill in front of me but was careful not to make eye contact! LOL He looked over his shoulder a couple of times but I didn't acknowledge. Then he moved to the elyptical 2 away from me- so that prompted my move to the bike. Friendly aren't I? LOL


breakfast - glass of chocolate milk
mid morning- whole avocado, diet pepsi
lunch- salad with red onion, avocado and huckleberry vinaigrette
afternoon- banana, trail mix, slice of raost turkey lunch meat
dinner- one scrambled egg with chedder cheese and red onion in a whole wheat tortilla.

no alcohol and lots of water. lots of water is typical for alcohol was a choice!! LOL


  1. Are you posting your meals for your own tracking, or are you open to suggestions? ;-) I don't like to give unsolicited advice...but I have some. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I love your story about being friendly! LOL

  2. LMAO!!! I posted only for my own tracking but I am always open to suggestions!!

    Yesterday I had zero planning into meals. I ate whatever came into my path. Gary worked until like 10pm or later so I was on my own. I worked until 6, picked up Jess, came home and was so tired scrambling eggs took true effort. I also reheated a piece of leftover lasagna for Rebecca and she was so happy she hugged me. Mother of the year huh?

    On a similar note-- been totally craving avocados!! I tried to control my self yesterday but ate all we had in the house. I'm glad I don't really like chips or cookies or I'd be in real trouble. LOL