Monday, September 7, 2009

Yay- bike ride!!

Fitness update...
Breakfast: 1 banana and 1 piece of whole grain toast with 100% Natural peanut butter, skim milk to drink
Snack: couple handfuls of trail mix, water
Lunch: organic mixed greens (baby green romaine lettuce, baby greenleaf lettuce, tango, tatsoi, baby spinach, baby red romaine lettuce, lolla rosa, baby red chard, arugula, mizuna, baby green chard, baby oakleaf lettuce) and I added some blue berries, sliced roasted almonds, red onion, and huckleberry vinaigrette dressing; water to drink. oh, and 16 wheat thin crackers!
Dinner: ran out of time for dinner! I was going to make a salad and eat on the road but I spent too much time online and instead grabbed some wheat thins, trail mix and blueberries that my hubby and I shared in the car. At the concert I had 1/2 a can of beer (got bored of it so gave it to G.) and 2/3 bottle of Bacardi Silver RAZ. (That was pretty yummy, I might have to buy some!!)
Exercise: I rode my bike!! It was not too much fun, but I did it. I hope to do it again today too. I brought my Garmin GPS with me so I could see how far I went but It powered off at about 2 miles and wouldn't work after that. I'll have to drive it in the car and figure out how far I actually went.
On my bike ride this kid, well guy, on a motorcycle, was sucking a little of the joy out of my bike ride. He drove by once, going the opposite direction as I was, and waved. I waved back and said to myself yeah yeah- you go right ahead on your little motorized bike!! I'll just grunt along up this hill and sweat. Well, then I hear him come up from behind me and I was like, oh great. He waved as he passed me going the same direction I was. If you can't tell I don't really like ppl looking at me so I wasn't that pleased. I was glad when I could no longer hear the motor bike. Then, lucky, lucky me I come around a corner and there he is, stopped, facing the road and just smiling. "insert expletive here!!" So I grunt my way past him, smiled and waved. By the way, I have my MP3 player blasting Avril Lavigne and I am pissed that the GPS isn't working correctly so I am trying to fiddle with that too. I grunt up another small hill and decided to stop to figure out the GPS, still with the music blaring. Great- I hear the motorbike coming again. UGH! I really, really hope he does not think I might need help and stop to ask me. No such luck, he pulls up next to me. I get ready to say, oh no I'm fine thanks and turns out he just pulled up to talk. Something about his bike, needs a new muffler or something, blah blah blah. I didn't hear it all thanks to Avril, lol. Nice enough guy, I was glad about that, but I was glad he wasn't out for a long chat. After all I was exercising! LOL
The concert last night was awesome! Beautiful night too. We saw Josh Gracin and the Lost Trailers. It was fun fun fun! =)

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