Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stay the course...

I went on another bike ride with hubby last night. He better watch his P's and Q's or he's gonna get uninvited! LOL I really like to pick a course and stick to it. Well, he likes to be a bit off course, so now I don't know exactly how far I went. Ugh! I know it's farther than 4.1 miles, maybe 4.4 miles. Yes, this bugs me! He set HIS goal to get us to 5 miles by the end of the week. Who's exercise plan was this anyway?? =)
Also, he likes to ride on the same side of the street as the traffic. I prefer to ride on the other side so I can see what's coming at me. This might not seem important to you, but keep in mind I can't turn my head and see behind me. It's a little unnerving to hear something coming up fast behind you and not be able to check out what it is.
Oh! Another little gem-- as we were riding a long he says "OH, honey, STOP!!" Wow, I stopped knowing this can't be good. My front tire was loose. I think it must have gotten loose the night before when he was putting air in my tires- so that means I rode 4 miles, in the dark, with a loose tire! I have to admit I would have been totally pissed if the tire came off while I was riding. That might not have been a rational response but I would have been!
We were thinking about taking the dogs up to the Dead Porcupine Campground near Homestake so they could run, but we ran out of time. Nights have gotten a lot busier since school has started. My aspiring valedictorian is stressing over Geometry, and I don't blame her really. It confuses me too! And the youngest made a vow to me that this year she'd play a more active role and let us get involved with her homework. I'm so pleased and surprised to see a change in her this year!! I've actually seen her with school books!! She gets great report cards too so I never really stressed too much over it, but I want to make sure she stays on top of things now that she's in middle school. And, she wants to be a student body rep for her team! I'm so excited she even realized it was time to get her name tossed in the hat! You see, she has built this little safe haven in her room, actually in her closet, where she sits and reads. We barely saw her all summer, LOL. She's so much like me it scares me. Now the idea of a child sitting in a closet with the door closed reading sounds pretty bad, but she has a huge walk in closet. She put a really big pink fluffy chair in there and a book case to set a drink on. It's like a whole 'nother room! This is also why the kids don't have TVs or food in their rooms. We really like to see them sometimes!!
ok- meals:
2 scrambled eggs, 2 plain pieces of whole grain toast, skim milk
snack- new trail mix of sunflower nuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews and raisins, diet pepsi, water
lunch, left over scrambled eggs (since I made extra for the family and no one ate them), a banana, some grapes, and a handful of the above trail mix, water
dinner- small grilled chicken breast, broccoli, and mixed greens salad, water
snuck some more trail mix while watching TV and texting!! =)

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  1. Your food looks good!

    Too funny about locking herself in the closet. Glad you provided some detail there. ;)