Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day and 4-wheeling

Today we went 4-wheelering! I figure we had the bikes out for 5+ hours and went about 40 miles. We encountered a lot of dead ends at first, but finally found a really cool trail. The trail took us to a granite quarry pit and I got some cool pictures I will have to post. I'm not quite up to speed with posting pictures within this BLOG yet so I'll just have to add them to Facebook. We make a lot of exploration and photo stops when we go out!
The first half of the day we had both kids and were riding double on the bikes. We are super careful when we have the kids, I guess mainly because one of them has to ride on my bike. It was crazy but I had no fear today. I usually get scared easily and often. Today I was having fun making The Oldest scream! (She rode with me the first part of the day.) At lunch, the youngest wasn't feeling very good so I took her home. For the rest of the day I got to ride alone- the oldest rode with my hubby. We were riding super fast on the trails, at least I think we were. We maintained a pretty steady pace of 16-19 mph, sometimes slower or faster but pretty much right in that range. I caught some air a few times on this easy rollercoaster-like section of the trail. That was sooo much fun!! Then we got into a few more difficult sections. My hubby was really flying because I know I fast I was going and the only sign I saw of him was some lingering ripples in water we had to pass thru or settling dust clouds. He stopped and waited for me pretty often to make sure I was ok. I really came close to wrecking at one point because my tire hit the edge of a big rock that I didn't see. It totally threw my bike to the right and we were on a pretty narrow trail. It didn't scare me, I just noted that I almost rolled off the edge of the trail, and also thought maybe helmets might really be a good idea. I've tipped a four wheeler before, but I never came THAT close to rolling one. I told hubby and the oldest about it at the next stop and he said, well I better slow down. No- I'm fine, no big deal, just letting you know! Oh, yeah, I guess I should mention that the youngest left her MP3 player in the car, so I stole that and had music playing. Sometimes I saw my hubby turn around and try to give me some advice but I couldn't hear him at all. I was grateful when he used hand signals. After that nearly rolling off the trail incident I put away the music so I could pay closer attention, and hear. Anyway- then came a steep climb with 2 boulders in the middle of the trail. I watched him and paid attention to how he got over it but then he was turning around and telling me to stand up and blah blah blah. I, being overly confident, was like yeah I know- move so I won't hit you trying to get up this hill!! Well, he moved forward and when they turned around to see how I was doing and I had both front tires in the air, trying to get over the rocks. The oldest was sure I was going to flip backwards. Me, still not scared- let's go. haha The oldest though- she WAS scared. To stay on the bike she holds the black bar and she had red marks and a huge blister on her hands. I said-- grab on to his waist! She screamed and cried and said - but then I fly into the air when he does!!! I asked her if she'd rather ride with me and she said NO and that she'd just try holding his waist again to give her hands a break. OK-- off we go again. The oldest seemed much happier after brief stop to do some exploring. The best quote of the day came from the oldest when she told hubby, "I think too much of YOU is coming out today!!" LOL Meaning- he was driving like a crazy person. :D So, I was getting TIRED at this point. We were squirting along the trail and came to a section where the bottom of the trail was really washed out and rough and the top, along the edge of the bank portion, was a perfectly beautiful road, only problem was it was at about a 45 degree angle. Hubby was going fast and took the angled edge of the trail effortlessly. I decided to follow him- until I was on the very beginning of this major slanty rode and decided I was being crazy and slammed on my brakes. I instantly came to a complete stop (something I happened to be having trouble with all day) and of course, the bike started to tip- both of the tires on the right side were in the air and I was going over. I screamed a high pitch girly scream to my hubby (which he did not hear) and threw all of my weight toward the hill. Thank God that was enough to get my tires back on the ground. I was thinking about how stupid I was and that he'd probably come back to look for me and drive me out. Scared I was! (Whew- a normal response!) I did manage to get myself out, by backing up and taking the washout section. And, again, I told hubby about it at the next stop. :-)
It was getting late at this point so we were anxious to find the road and get back to the truck. We were flying over the trail and when hubby could finally see the road he stopped and turned to watch me come up the last section of the trail. It scared him so bad, watching my bike get thrown from rut to rut he put his hands on his head and grimaced. I was like- THAT was nothing. THAT has been happening all day!! He laughed and said it'd be so much easier if I'd just take the perfectly good slanty part of the road. I guess I'll try that the next time we go out, when I know he's watching and will be able to help me when I roll. =)
So, now, the fitness update!!
Ate: morning - 1 blueberry bagel, plain. water (well, I slept until after 10 so I guess technically the bagel was lunch.)
snack- some pistachios and 4-5 green olives, water
early dinner- organic spring greens, with 1 whole sliced avocado, blueberries, sliced roasted almonds and huckleberry vinaigrette dressing, some wheat thin crackers, 2 delicious deep fried onions rings, and a large ice cold diet Pepsi! Yumm!
snack- more pistachios and more water.
Exercise- rode the pedal bike IN THE DARK for 4 miles with the help of my hubby and the handy dandy headlight on my bike. (nerd alert) I shaved quite a bit of time off of yesterdays 4 mile bike ride, probably because it was A LOT cooler, and I wasn't fiddling with the GPS or talking to passing motorcyclists. Hubby stayed right in front of me and I trusted him blindly. I wouldn't have made it down the driveway without him!
Tonight I stepped on the scale and no number came up- it just groaned. Not a good sign, and indicative of a long road ahead! My new weight loss goal has a Christmas deadline. Why? Because Papa bought a new razzoo camera and I'm scared he might be in Butte for Christmas. The rest of my family understands I don't like to get my picture taken. Papa doesn't really give a shit. He might go to Portland to see family, but if they come to Butte then he will be in Butte too. I'd like them to all be here so I am focused on getting in better shape so I don't have to look like crap in another family picture!


  1. Yeah...I admit I got a little crazy on the 4-wheeler and am feeling a little guilty about it after I see the blisters and bruises on Rebecca...but it sure was fun!

  2. The roller coaster section is called "whoops" and I don't know why EVERY trail has them, but they are FUN. If you stand up while you ride them, it feels just like riding a loping horse. :) Love it!