Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Monday! Haha...

I haven't done this for a few days, so a quick catch up. Friday I ate good choices up until about 6:00 pm. There was a party at our house and I ate a ton of guacamole, bagel chips, BBQ salmon, trail mix and then drank 2 beers and finished the night off with 3 rum and juice drinks. I was quite the party girl by that point- LOL. It was a lot of fun. (Oh yeah- I ate 2 brownie bites too.) No exercise Friday other than house work and child herding. =) Saturday and Sunday I fell off my 5 or 6 meal plan and had 2 meals. Saturday morning I scrambled eggs and toast for me and the kids- hubby was in bed all day. Then I went to my mom's and worked on the house. I decided my family was probably getting hungry so I came home and made meatless spaghetti. I dug in the frig and pulled out what ever vegetables I could find and chopped them up and put them in the sauce. Yellow Squash, zuchinni, mushrooms, egg plant, red onion, white onion, garlic, and red pepper. I think that was it-- over whole wheat noodles. The youngest wasn't the happiest but the rest of them liked it. Sunday I had a bagel for breakfast and left over spaghetti for dinner, with a whole wheat tortilla shell. I spent all of my free time at my mom's house working, visiting an aunt and uncle, and running children. no exercise.

I got on the regular scale this morning and it was up up up. I guess I need to exercise and not drink so much. =)

TODAY! I walked/jogged 2/3 mile in 12 min and 34 secs. Ugh! I made my kids go too and they got home in 11min 30 sec. I'm going to insist we all go again in the AM. Hubby left for vacation today so hopefully I really get up in the morning at all. I usually shut the sound off on my phone at night but this week I'll leave it on so I'l hear any morning texts/ calls telling me its time to get my butt outta bed. I know I went 2/3 mile becuase I drove out what 1 mile would be. We intentionally did the shorter distance tonight. We'll do the same distance tomorrow!

Today- bowl of Special K for breakfast- water
snack-pear, banana and the seed trail mix- diet pepsi
lunch- whole wheat tortilla with 2 pieces of salomi, some melted mozzarella cheese, mixed green salad and onions. water
snack- nut, raisen, M&M trail mix (must have been forgotten here by someone visiting- I was so excited when I found it! LOL)
dinner- 2 chedder cheese cheese melts on whole wheat tortillas with red onion. drank a red beer.

I'm happy to report I've already regained feeling in both sets of toes and normalcy has returned to my right side. LOL When I first sat down here I could not feel my toes and I had total pins and needles and stabbing pains on the left side. I'm kind of excited to do this torture act again tomorrow to see how I do! LOL That's a very short distance so it shouldn't be so difficult... will have to work at it! =)

Note to self-- buy some running shoes. I tried to buy a new pair for the youngest this year but she couldn't find any she liked and took mine instead. Just the pros N cons of the 3 of us having the same size feet.


  1. Ack! I couldn't imagine having to share my shoes!

    Yes, out of all of what you wrote, that's what I got. :0

    That, and Gary staying in bed all day Saturday. Good party for him too? :)

    Oh, and don't worry about the scale being up, up, up. That's bloat from the party. Seriously.

    You are on a roll! I'm happy for you!

  2. Yes, I share my shoes. I actually have very little of anything to myself it seems, but I don't mind at all. We're a happy little close knit family! LOL I'm pretty sure when I buy a new pair of shoes I'll get my old shoes back. Kind of cool how that works, huh?! =)

    Gary was quite the party boy himself- and he said he didn't feel very good anyway, on top of the hangover. Who knows? I try to stay away from him (and everyone) when they are sick but I haven't this time, and I am still fine. Like I always say, I'm the heathiest sick person I know!! LMAO