Sunday, September 6, 2009

Damn dogs!

3AM and all is well. Not perfect, but ok! So, let's start with the fitness portion of this BLOG...
Exercise: None
Diet/ Nutrition: Poor
For exercise, I thought about riding my bike. Last summer I rode my bike a lot and loved it. This year I've only gone a handful of times and let's just say I did not love it. Maybe it's my general overall outlook that went in the crapper this year, and I should give the bike another chance.
For diet, I ate @ 2 scrambled eggs and 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with strawberry jam for breakfast. Lunch- I made a salami sandwich with Swiss cheese, onion and durkees and had blue corn chips on the side. For dinner, we made pizza. (S, please stop cringing!! LOL) Pizza may not be healthy, but it's a fun family dinner/ activity. My job is to organize the ingredients and do the prep work, like cut up the vegetables, prepare the crust, etc. We made 4 pizzas- the youngest-1, the oldest-1, Papa-1 and hubby and I made one. Well, when it came time I really made our pizza alone because hubby was MIA and I was being impatient. He didn't seem to mind though, so that's good. He'd did a quick inspection before we baked it and he seemed happy with what I put together. I think we all had fun, especially Papa. It was a first for him!
Moving on... while I was organizing dinner hubby set up the new Blue Ray Player I bought. The DVD player we have been using is super sensitive and simply won't play a movie without at least a few frustrating interruptions. Friday night we were trying to watch The Bourne Identity and during I think the 2nd glitch hubby said, I think this is a good incentive to save our sheckles and buy a Blue Ray (BR) player! He's wanted one for a while but I didn't think it made sense since we own A LOT of DVDs. Since then I've learned that BR players play both DVDs and BRs so I no longer had a reason not to get one. After dinner I made a quick trip to Hastings and rented a couple of BR-ROMs, and we watched the new Indiana Jones. It was really great! BIG difference in picture quality. Papa watched the entire movie, which is pretty indicative of how good it was. Hubby and I each got up a few times, but I don't think he moved once. I've never seen that man make it through more than half of a movie, and even that was not consecutively.
Why am I up, you ask? My 2 dogs sleep in the garage and started barking. I had to get up to see why. It turned out that Papa's dog was in the yard and my dogs knew it. Ugh! Nothing like a good dog rodeo at 3:30AM. I have a hard time falling back asleep once I am woken up so I decided to play on the computer instead of possibly waking up my hubby. I wish I remembered to grab my book before I closed that squeaky door! (note to self, buy WD-40)
Speaking of rodeo- we're going to Dillon today to see a concert tonight! I am very excited. I was trying to figure out who was playing and having little luck. I mentioned it online and a friend found the information for me! Woo hoo! Score one for social networking! LOL

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