Saturday, September 5, 2009

BLOG entry #1... The beginning!

So, yeah, I miss MySpace. I still have a MySpace account but Facebook has stolen the spotlight! MySpace is better of course, but apparently only a handful of my friends realize this. I never thought it would happen but I became a follower and went to Facebook. Why is this a BLOG-worthy subject? It's not, but it explains why I created a Blogger account. I don't think Facebook is a good place to BLOG!
Here's a bigger problem- what to BLOG about. (remember, I love the word BLOG so much I always capitalize it.) I have a friend that BLOGs about fitness and nutrition. I suppose I could BLOG about something like that but there would not be many entries I'm afraid. I love reading hers- it's very motivating and fun! I'm hoping one day (soon) it will pull me into the world of real exercise, and away from the Wii fit, which I actually used 2 days in a row. Once. A while ago...
Since we're on the topic of my exercise schedule... I was feeling pretty ambitious when they injected my foot. I got really excited and hoped for a miracle cure. No luck, there was no change. Well, actually there was a little bit of a change- now about 3 or 4 times a week I notice my ankle has swollen to about twice its actual size. I'm not sure if I'm just paying more attention now and that was happening all along, or if it is a new thing since they tried to fix that one tiny sore spot on my foot. My second cry-baby problem is a glitch I have in my leg. This is actually something I could BLOG about- my glitches. I keep meaning to track them, but don't. I think a visit to the chiropractor might help. I should make an appointment and see! My 20th high school reunion is next summer, so I really should make an attempt to lose some weight.
So- what will this BLOG be about? It's just going to be an online diary to place all of my rambling thoughts. I doubt I'll have many followers but I like to BLOG anyway! =)
Now I am off to clean my house. I think this is actually the messiest I think this house has been to date. I'm looking forward to shining it up and having clean bedding again! I'm sure it will make my hubby happy too! =)

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