Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome October!!

I think my sense of humor is broken. I'm hoping that a good night's sleep fixes things though! The only person I know that had a worse day today was my poor husband. We are both a couple of stress fractures, so to speak. I took a whole 10 minutes out of my day to bring him lunch since he was trapped. He then proceeded to cook us dinner (that I ate during the 20 minutes I was able to be home) and then he cleaned the kitchen. I think I still owe him, although I did stand in line for 2.5 hours for a shirt that I am pretty sure will only be worn once. Maybe that makes us even?? LOL

I'm pretty pissed that somehow all of the clothes in my closet have shrunk. Since it snowed last night I went to wear my "comfy" jeans to work today and they were tight. I put them back and grabbed my super big pants which fit just about right, except baggy in the legs. Last year at this time none of my pants would stay up. Makes me very mad!! I wonder if never being seen in public again is an option?? I did buy a new 1/2 price pair of tennis shoes tonight while waiting for the shirt. They are NOT my color, pink, but they are light and they fit fine. Also, the youngest won't wear pink so that's a definite plus. Maybe I'll just stop eating altogether and see how that works out. Or, maybe I'll become an exercise enthusiast with my new shoes! LOL Just not where anyone can see me... =)

And yes, I realize I deleted my last blog. It was too whiny even by my relaxed standards! I didn't want the 10 or so people that know this BLOG exists to hear me cry baby so much. Thanks to Sandi though for her comments. They did make me feel better!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I miss my husband...

My hubby left on his annual hunting/fishing trip a few days ago and the absence is wearing on me! I should be being productive, but I'm not. I even watched TV for a few hours last night, something I very seldom do. (I agree with S, America has no talent!!) It was nice just sitting there really- but tonight I'll have to get my chores done or we will have no clothes and no food! =)

The scale is inching back down slowly. I didn't exercise last night but I ate ok all day. (It's TTOM so I blame nearly every bad thing on that, lol.) The night before I walked/jogged the loop and shaved about 30 seconds off my time. I also used hand weights and did some sit ups. No stabbing pain so I was very happy! LOL Speaking of stabbing pain- it's weird but my foot and leg seem to be better. I haven't had that glitch since about when I started this exercise non-sense. My leg was catching (that's the best way I know to describe it) and I wouldn't be able to lift it. Huge bummer and very noticeable to other people. It was totally random and unpredictable. I'm still thinking that a trip to the chiro is a good idea. I haven't been for a few years cuz I got mad at him and wouldn't go back after my sledding "incident", LOL. I think I'm ready to forgive him for hurting me and give it one more try though. I'm not sure it will help, but it couldn't hurt! Oh, and I did the vitamin B shot around the start of all this so I wonder if that's helped? I've been doing that for a while now and I think I might be starting to show signs of improvement. I should go get my blood drawn and and find out the level...always something!! LOL

I decided this BLOG is really a good tool for me to account for what I'm doing. I removed the link from my Facebook info because I know its not a fun read. =)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Monday! Haha...

I haven't done this for a few days, so a quick catch up. Friday I ate good choices up until about 6:00 pm. There was a party at our house and I ate a ton of guacamole, bagel chips, BBQ salmon, trail mix and then drank 2 beers and finished the night off with 3 rum and juice drinks. I was quite the party girl by that point- LOL. It was a lot of fun. (Oh yeah- I ate 2 brownie bites too.) No exercise Friday other than house work and child herding. =) Saturday and Sunday I fell off my 5 or 6 meal plan and had 2 meals. Saturday morning I scrambled eggs and toast for me and the kids- hubby was in bed all day. Then I went to my mom's and worked on the house. I decided my family was probably getting hungry so I came home and made meatless spaghetti. I dug in the frig and pulled out what ever vegetables I could find and chopped them up and put them in the sauce. Yellow Squash, zuchinni, mushrooms, egg plant, red onion, white onion, garlic, and red pepper. I think that was it-- over whole wheat noodles. The youngest wasn't the happiest but the rest of them liked it. Sunday I had a bagel for breakfast and left over spaghetti for dinner, with a whole wheat tortilla shell. I spent all of my free time at my mom's house working, visiting an aunt and uncle, and running children. no exercise.

I got on the regular scale this morning and it was up up up. I guess I need to exercise and not drink so much. =)

TODAY! I walked/jogged 2/3 mile in 12 min and 34 secs. Ugh! I made my kids go too and they got home in 11min 30 sec. I'm going to insist we all go again in the AM. Hubby left for vacation today so hopefully I really get up in the morning at all. I usually shut the sound off on my phone at night but this week I'll leave it on so I'l hear any morning texts/ calls telling me its time to get my butt outta bed. I know I went 2/3 mile becuase I drove out what 1 mile would be. We intentionally did the shorter distance tonight. We'll do the same distance tomorrow!

Today- bowl of Special K for breakfast- water
snack-pear, banana and the seed trail mix- diet pepsi
lunch- whole wheat tortilla with 2 pieces of salomi, some melted mozzarella cheese, mixed green salad and onions. water
snack- nut, raisen, M&M trail mix (must have been forgotten here by someone visiting- I was so excited when I found it! LOL)
dinner- 2 chedder cheese cheese melts on whole wheat tortillas with red onion. drank a red beer.

I'm happy to report I've already regained feeling in both sets of toes and normalcy has returned to my right side. LOL When I first sat down here I could not feel my toes and I had total pins and needles and stabbing pains on the left side. I'm kind of excited to do this torture act again tomorrow to see how I do! LOL That's a very short distance so it shouldn't be so difficult... will have to work at it! =)

Note to self-- buy some running shoes. I tried to buy a new pair for the youngest this year but she couldn't find any she liked and took mine instead. Just the pros N cons of the 3 of us having the same size feet.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I can't wait for the weekend!

I'm not sure I like it that the days are getting so short already. I got off work at 6, picked up the youngest, went to the grocery store, unloaded, cooked dinner, did some chores and then it was time to pick up the oldest. When I got home it was dark enough that I didn't think it was worth taking the chance of going out by myself. I suppose I could carry a flashlight, and I'd probably be fine even with out one walking around here, but the dark still makes me nervous!! Silly, I know. =) I did dishes, some laundry, washed the floors and hung my table clothes to dry. I also straightened up my closet and the entry way closet so its not like I sat around all night, either. So, I guess I won't kick myself too hard for not riding the bike again tonight. Tomorrow evening we have an unknown number of people coming over. I hope hubby has time to get the leg back on the chair in our bedroom before they show up. (I'm pretty sure it's my fault it broke.) I think it looks pretty odd laying on its back as it is now... but, oh well, I guess in the big picture it doesn't really matter if it gets fixed tomorrow or not. There are always other important things to get done, like buy more red wine! We're getting pretty low for some reason... lol.

Today's Meals:
2 pieces of WW toast, one with 100% natural peanut butter, other plain, skim milk

banana, pear, trail mix, water

mixed greens salad, 6 wheat thins, blueberries, diet pepsi

apple, water, couple wheat thins

grilled chicken breast, 2 slices of egg plant fried in EVOO with red onion, mixed greens salad- plain, 2 whole grain tortilla shells, skim milk

new trail mix- (soy nuts, cranberries, almonds & pumpkin kernels) and a glass of pineapple, orange, apple juice with light rum. =)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


2 pieces whole wheat toast, plain, skim mik
banana, new trail mix
chicken breast, pear, water
3 scrambled eggs, a little shredded cheddar cheese, and some chopped onion- cooked together, 2 whole wheat tortillas, water, skim milk, red wine
Exercise, none so far! I'm cleaning the house, hubby had a late meeting and now he's out with cousins trying to get some tree stands put up before it gets too dark. The oldest is buried in home work so I'm sticking around. Maybe I'll use the nautilus weight set before I go to bed, if hubby can help me a little. The youngest has herself locked in the closet again (reading) I'm sure ,because I'm not right there to make sure she has everything done that I asked. It wasn't much, but I'm sure she'll hide for fear I'll ask her to do something else!
I got on the Wii Fit this morning and I did lose a little weight, yay. Nothing to do somersaults about yet. =D

Stay the course...

I went on another bike ride with hubby last night. He better watch his P's and Q's or he's gonna get uninvited! LOL I really like to pick a course and stick to it. Well, he likes to be a bit off course, so now I don't know exactly how far I went. Ugh! I know it's farther than 4.1 miles, maybe 4.4 miles. Yes, this bugs me! He set HIS goal to get us to 5 miles by the end of the week. Who's exercise plan was this anyway?? =)
Also, he likes to ride on the same side of the street as the traffic. I prefer to ride on the other side so I can see what's coming at me. This might not seem important to you, but keep in mind I can't turn my head and see behind me. It's a little unnerving to hear something coming up fast behind you and not be able to check out what it is.
Oh! Another little gem-- as we were riding a long he says "OH, honey, STOP!!" Wow, I stopped knowing this can't be good. My front tire was loose. I think it must have gotten loose the night before when he was putting air in my tires- so that means I rode 4 miles, in the dark, with a loose tire! I have to admit I would have been totally pissed if the tire came off while I was riding. That might not have been a rational response but I would have been!
We were thinking about taking the dogs up to the Dead Porcupine Campground near Homestake so they could run, but we ran out of time. Nights have gotten a lot busier since school has started. My aspiring valedictorian is stressing over Geometry, and I don't blame her really. It confuses me too! And the youngest made a vow to me that this year she'd play a more active role and let us get involved with her homework. I'm so pleased and surprised to see a change in her this year!! I've actually seen her with school books!! She gets great report cards too so I never really stressed too much over it, but I want to make sure she stays on top of things now that she's in middle school. And, she wants to be a student body rep for her team! I'm so excited she even realized it was time to get her name tossed in the hat! You see, she has built this little safe haven in her room, actually in her closet, where she sits and reads. We barely saw her all summer, LOL. She's so much like me it scares me. Now the idea of a child sitting in a closet with the door closed reading sounds pretty bad, but she has a huge walk in closet. She put a really big pink fluffy chair in there and a book case to set a drink on. It's like a whole 'nother room! This is also why the kids don't have TVs or food in their rooms. We really like to see them sometimes!!
ok- meals:
2 scrambled eggs, 2 plain pieces of whole grain toast, skim milk
snack- new trail mix of sunflower nuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews and raisins, diet pepsi, water
lunch, left over scrambled eggs (since I made extra for the family and no one ate them), a banana, some grapes, and a handful of the above trail mix, water
dinner- small grilled chicken breast, broccoli, and mixed greens salad, water
snuck some more trail mix while watching TV and texting!! =)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day and 4-wheeling

Today we went 4-wheelering! I figure we had the bikes out for 5+ hours and went about 40 miles. We encountered a lot of dead ends at first, but finally found a really cool trail. The trail took us to a granite quarry pit and I got some cool pictures I will have to post. I'm not quite up to speed with posting pictures within this BLOG yet so I'll just have to add them to Facebook. We make a lot of exploration and photo stops when we go out!
The first half of the day we had both kids and were riding double on the bikes. We are super careful when we have the kids, I guess mainly because one of them has to ride on my bike. It was crazy but I had no fear today. I usually get scared easily and often. Today I was having fun making The Oldest scream! (She rode with me the first part of the day.) At lunch, the youngest wasn't feeling very good so I took her home. For the rest of the day I got to ride alone- the oldest rode with my hubby. We were riding super fast on the trails, at least I think we were. We maintained a pretty steady pace of 16-19 mph, sometimes slower or faster but pretty much right in that range. I caught some air a few times on this easy rollercoaster-like section of the trail. That was sooo much fun!! Then we got into a few more difficult sections. My hubby was really flying because I know I fast I was going and the only sign I saw of him was some lingering ripples in water we had to pass thru or settling dust clouds. He stopped and waited for me pretty often to make sure I was ok. I really came close to wrecking at one point because my tire hit the edge of a big rock that I didn't see. It totally threw my bike to the right and we were on a pretty narrow trail. It didn't scare me, I just noted that I almost rolled off the edge of the trail, and also thought maybe helmets might really be a good idea. I've tipped a four wheeler before, but I never came THAT close to rolling one. I told hubby and the oldest about it at the next stop and he said, well I better slow down. No- I'm fine, no big deal, just letting you know! Oh, yeah, I guess I should mention that the youngest left her MP3 player in the car, so I stole that and had music playing. Sometimes I saw my hubby turn around and try to give me some advice but I couldn't hear him at all. I was grateful when he used hand signals. After that nearly rolling off the trail incident I put away the music so I could pay closer attention, and hear. Anyway- then came a steep climb with 2 boulders in the middle of the trail. I watched him and paid attention to how he got over it but then he was turning around and telling me to stand up and blah blah blah. I, being overly confident, was like yeah I know- move so I won't hit you trying to get up this hill!! Well, he moved forward and when they turned around to see how I was doing and I had both front tires in the air, trying to get over the rocks. The oldest was sure I was going to flip backwards. Me, still not scared- let's go. haha The oldest though- she WAS scared. To stay on the bike she holds the black bar and she had red marks and a huge blister on her hands. I said-- grab on to his waist! She screamed and cried and said - but then I fly into the air when he does!!! I asked her if she'd rather ride with me and she said NO and that she'd just try holding his waist again to give her hands a break. OK-- off we go again. The oldest seemed much happier after brief stop to do some exploring. The best quote of the day came from the oldest when she told hubby, "I think too much of YOU is coming out today!!" LOL Meaning- he was driving like a crazy person. :D So, I was getting TIRED at this point. We were squirting along the trail and came to a section where the bottom of the trail was really washed out and rough and the top, along the edge of the bank portion, was a perfectly beautiful road, only problem was it was at about a 45 degree angle. Hubby was going fast and took the angled edge of the trail effortlessly. I decided to follow him- until I was on the very beginning of this major slanty rode and decided I was being crazy and slammed on my brakes. I instantly came to a complete stop (something I happened to be having trouble with all day) and of course, the bike started to tip- both of the tires on the right side were in the air and I was going over. I screamed a high pitch girly scream to my hubby (which he did not hear) and threw all of my weight toward the hill. Thank God that was enough to get my tires back on the ground. I was thinking about how stupid I was and that he'd probably come back to look for me and drive me out. Scared I was! (Whew- a normal response!) I did manage to get myself out, by backing up and taking the washout section. And, again, I told hubby about it at the next stop. :-)
It was getting late at this point so we were anxious to find the road and get back to the truck. We were flying over the trail and when hubby could finally see the road he stopped and turned to watch me come up the last section of the trail. It scared him so bad, watching my bike get thrown from rut to rut he put his hands on his head and grimaced. I was like- THAT was nothing. THAT has been happening all day!! He laughed and said it'd be so much easier if I'd just take the perfectly good slanty part of the road. I guess I'll try that the next time we go out, when I know he's watching and will be able to help me when I roll. =)
So, now, the fitness update!!
Ate: morning - 1 blueberry bagel, plain. water (well, I slept until after 10 so I guess technically the bagel was lunch.)
snack- some pistachios and 4-5 green olives, water
early dinner- organic spring greens, with 1 whole sliced avocado, blueberries, sliced roasted almonds and huckleberry vinaigrette dressing, some wheat thin crackers, 2 delicious deep fried onions rings, and a large ice cold diet Pepsi! Yumm!
snack- more pistachios and more water.
Exercise- rode the pedal bike IN THE DARK for 4 miles with the help of my hubby and the handy dandy headlight on my bike. (nerd alert) I shaved quite a bit of time off of yesterdays 4 mile bike ride, probably because it was A LOT cooler, and I wasn't fiddling with the GPS or talking to passing motorcyclists. Hubby stayed right in front of me and I trusted him blindly. I wouldn't have made it down the driveway without him!
Tonight I stepped on the scale and no number came up- it just groaned. Not a good sign, and indicative of a long road ahead! My new weight loss goal has a Christmas deadline. Why? Because Papa bought a new razzoo camera and I'm scared he might be in Butte for Christmas. The rest of my family understands I don't like to get my picture taken. Papa doesn't really give a shit. He might go to Portland to see family, but if they come to Butte then he will be in Butte too. I'd like them to all be here so I am focused on getting in better shape so I don't have to look like crap in another family picture!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Yay- bike ride!!

Fitness update...
Breakfast: 1 banana and 1 piece of whole grain toast with 100% Natural peanut butter, skim milk to drink
Snack: couple handfuls of trail mix, water
Lunch: organic mixed greens (baby green romaine lettuce, baby greenleaf lettuce, tango, tatsoi, baby spinach, baby red romaine lettuce, lolla rosa, baby red chard, arugula, mizuna, baby green chard, baby oakleaf lettuce) and I added some blue berries, sliced roasted almonds, red onion, and huckleberry vinaigrette dressing; water to drink. oh, and 16 wheat thin crackers!
Dinner: ran out of time for dinner! I was going to make a salad and eat on the road but I spent too much time online and instead grabbed some wheat thins, trail mix and blueberries that my hubby and I shared in the car. At the concert I had 1/2 a can of beer (got bored of it so gave it to G.) and 2/3 bottle of Bacardi Silver RAZ. (That was pretty yummy, I might have to buy some!!)
Exercise: I rode my bike!! It was not too much fun, but I did it. I hope to do it again today too. I brought my Garmin GPS with me so I could see how far I went but It powered off at about 2 miles and wouldn't work after that. I'll have to drive it in the car and figure out how far I actually went.
On my bike ride this kid, well guy, on a motorcycle, was sucking a little of the joy out of my bike ride. He drove by once, going the opposite direction as I was, and waved. I waved back and said to myself yeah yeah- you go right ahead on your little motorized bike!! I'll just grunt along up this hill and sweat. Well, then I hear him come up from behind me and I was like, oh great. He waved as he passed me going the same direction I was. If you can't tell I don't really like ppl looking at me so I wasn't that pleased. I was glad when I could no longer hear the motor bike. Then, lucky, lucky me I come around a corner and there he is, stopped, facing the road and just smiling. "insert expletive here!!" So I grunt my way past him, smiled and waved. By the way, I have my MP3 player blasting Avril Lavigne and I am pissed that the GPS isn't working correctly so I am trying to fiddle with that too. I grunt up another small hill and decided to stop to figure out the GPS, still with the music blaring. Great- I hear the motorbike coming again. UGH! I really, really hope he does not think I might need help and stop to ask me. No such luck, he pulls up next to me. I get ready to say, oh no I'm fine thanks and turns out he just pulled up to talk. Something about his bike, needs a new muffler or something, blah blah blah. I didn't hear it all thanks to Avril, lol. Nice enough guy, I was glad about that, but I was glad he wasn't out for a long chat. After all I was exercising! LOL
The concert last night was awesome! Beautiful night too. We saw Josh Gracin and the Lost Trailers. It was fun fun fun! =)

The Waterslide, dun dun dun!!!

This was in March of 2008. Another old BLOG and probably the last I'll transfer from MySpace.

It's been a while ago now but here it is... the story of my adventure on the waterslide.
In early March we took a little va-cay to Fairmont Hot Springs (the get-away that's not far-away). My hubby had to leave earlier than the the girls and I because he had a plane to catch. Being our supportive and loving selves we hugged him goodbye and headed back to the pool. After all, we still had 2 waterslide passes to use!
It was a really nice weekend actually (considering it was early March) and we spent the majority of our time in the outdoor pools. I sat in the hot pool watching the girls play a diving game. They saw me and decided I looked like a big geek sitting there alone. I was really perfectly happy, sitting there. I didn't really feel alone at all with the other 150 people in the pools that day but I guess that's the difference between 13 and 36.
Feeling a little guilty I decided to go play with the kids. At the time I actually thought hubby played with them more than he does. I later learned they attack him until he chases them. (I guess I get another cool parent feather in my cap for this one!!) The diving game turned out to be lots of fun-- for me at least. Everytime I got all of the sticks in my hand I'd throw them in the water again and hear cries of "mom- we're hungry." "okay mom, we'll get them ONE MORE TIME and then let's eat." and "Mom, noooo!" I guess diving really works up an appetite so we headed inside.
The line at the food counter gave us even more time to talk and I told them they better start using those water slide passes. As we talked about the waterslide, somehow the idea slipped into my mind that I too should try the slide. (Those of you who know me know these types of ideas come occasionally and never really turn out as I hope they will or plan them.) I share my idea with the kids and the excitement was evident - especially on the youngest's face. The excitement quickly mingled with concern as they realize they've been through other ideas I've had like this before. Remember- we are at Fairmont alone. Hubby's at home packing and getting ready to board the plane. We're all semi-risk takers at heart so we decided it would be worth the risk, lol.
We ate lunch and headed toward the 6 or so flights of stairs leading to the slide. The youngest was verbally preparing me for every twist and turn, explaining every last detail that she could remember. The oldest helped some too, and just kinda laughed to herself a lot. I hoped she was just happy I was there sharing the moment with them, and not laughing at me.
It was decided that I would go last so they could see me launch out of the tube. As I waited for my turn I was thinking to myself about how fast the boy (aka lifeguard) was letting people down that slide. For those of you who don't know- there's a lifeguard with a whistle and you can't go down the slide until he or she blows it. It seemed like mere seconds between whistles! When I was younger, I always worried that someone might hit me from behind if I didn't go fast enough. Now I that my baby girls were going to be in front of me I worried that I might go faster than they did, and kill them. That's a lot to think about as you are sitting in the mouth of a 6 story (or so) high waterslide. As the whistle blew I decided I'd intentionally try to go slow and risk being hit from behind. I closed my eyes, plugged my nose, sat straight as a board and started on my journey down the tube. I think I did let out a couple of small screams at unexpected turns or bumps but overall just worried about a mid-slide collision. Before I knew it I neatly sailed out of the water slide and barely made a splash. I was really quite proud of myself. I felt pretty good about the whole thing and the kids were thrilled that all went well. That was enough for me for one day...
That's when I decided to get the camera and try to get pictures of the kids coming out of the waterslide. I stayed at the bottom, waiting for the kids to come down again. All of a sudden someone comes flying out of the TOP of the water slide tube literally flying through the air. I was thinking all sorts of disapproving thoughts when all of a sudden I saw him come up out of the water. This guy was like 69 or 70 years old! His wife and I both shook our heads at him disapprovingly and then I heard some of the wisest words come out of his mouth... "it doesn't make any sense to go slow." She laughed and I thought to myself- but what about a mid-slide collision??? As I over analyzed all of this I noticed the oldest popped out of the waterslide-- dammit, I missed the picture. But I figured the youngest would be popping out soon so I readied myself with the camera. I missed her too- but, I think I have a picture of the splash in my myspace album. Even though I missed BOTH pictures, I did somehow notice that the lifeguard didn't let the youngest start down the slide until the oldest was out of the tube. This is something I never, ever knew. I always thought there was some magic place or special counting technic that told the lifeguard when it was ok to let the next person go. It never occurred to me that you were never in the tube at the same time as the person before you! (Yeah, I'm stupid, I know.) This really seemed to empower me. All of a sudden I was faced with the concept of living life to it's fullest and also given the confidence to try it! I sent the girls up the slide alone once again trying to get at least one picture. The picture never happened but I did confirm that only one person was in the tube at a time. When they came down I shared my revelation, got out another dollar bill and headed to the concession stand to buy myself another single ride ticket. Both of the girls were laughing now, acting like they already knew that only one person slides at a time and that maybe mom really was a few cards short of a full deck.
The trek up the stairs the second time wasn't as fast as the first and the line at the top was longer. By the time I got to the mouth of the slide I was already pretty dry but my commitment to throw myself down this slide as fast as I could was resolute. The kids asked if I wanted to go first but I declined so they could see me come out the top of the tube like that old man did. It was going to be so fun and so cool!
The kids went down the slide and then it was my turn. I started thinking about when I was 14 or 15 years old and went watersliding with friends in Columbia Falls. We all decided that laying back and lifting our butts in the air seemed to make the fastest trip. Unfortunately I'm a bit heavier now than I was then, ok a lot, but I figured that was still the way to go.
The whistle blew and I was off- laying on my back with my feet pushing hard into the slide and lifting my butt into the air. I was going fast alright, but this trip actually seemed to take longer than the first. (Facing death head on must have that effect on you.) I had one hand plugging my nose and the other hand over my eyes. There was no way I wanted to know what was coming and I was so scared I never made a sound. I quickly lost complete control and tried to remember how many accidents or deaths I've read about over the years because of this darn slide. I couldn't think of any, but realized I was NOT having fun and decided I needed to slow down and regain control. Yes, even if it meant sucking up a little of the attitude I had at the top of the slide and maybe even getting my pride hurt a little when the kids mocked me at the bottom.

Ok, so I needed to slow down and get myself under control. I tried many, many things and soon realized there was no way to regain control at this point- what was started had to be finished. I dropped my hands to my side and was praying for God to protect me when I realized -- I don't have my nose plugged! I had no idea where I was on the slide so I quickly raised my hand to grab my nose and I accidentally jammed my entire thumb HARD inside my nostrel. Were those tears stinging my eyes or was it the just chlorine?? Somehow I managed to dislodge my thumb and plug my nose. At this point all I was thinking about was how important it was for me to not let go of my nose, and also to not hit my head! This was the longest waterslide trip of my entire life. I finally shot out of the tube- not quite at the top according to the kids- but
by my standards it was impressive enough. The kids had to guide me to safety and I leaned against the pool wall for a good half-hour, or so it seemed. It may have been longer or shorter than that, but however long it really was, I did draw some unwanted attention. My head hurt so bad!! It was like an ice cream head ache (aka brain freeze) that never went away. I heard the oldest telling people, "she's ok, she just hit her head" and then repeatedly asking "mom, are you ok??" the youngest could be heard laughing uncontrollably and repeating the phrase "oh man, oh man, oh man!!!"
I pulled it together enough that after a couple of hours I felt ok to drive us back to Butte. I guess I can now add watersliding to the list of things I should never do again. Skiing, sledding and now watersliding.

Mmmmmm...Dinner! =)

Another old BLOG from MySpace but I'm hoping he makes this again so I keep posting it! =)

Ok, I'm spoiled. I'm sitting here drinking a glass of wine and MySpacing while my husband is running around the kitchen cooking. I did offer to help, of course, but I think the best place for me right now is out of the way. I have to admit I wasn't too excited to try this new recipe, Greek Goulash, but it is smelling delicious! The kids still aren't very excited about it either but oh well!
Last night hubby was supposed to do something with us but forgot to come home. I explained to him that I was so upset I had to change my MySpace mood to disappointed. Pretty harsh, I know. He said he was going to try to make it up to me and get me to change my mood to loved. I held out as long as I could but finally succombed! He's been pretty sweet all day long so I guess he deserves it. :-)
For those of you interested, here's the recipe. He saw it on the Rachael Ray cooking show. (I think he watches that show because he thinks she's hot, but I don't care!) :)
I'll let you know how it tastes a little later...
Blogging out... Lisa :-)I'm back and it was really great! He and I really liked it a lot. The kids thought it was good too, but "it wasn't their favorite."

Greek Goulash
Recipe courtesy Rachael Ray
Ingredients6 pita rounds
Olive oil cooking spray
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 1/2 pounds ground sirloin or lamb
Black pepper
1 teaspoon dried oregano or 2 sprigs fresh, finely chopped
2 pinches ground cinnamon
1 onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, grated
1 small eggplant, peeled and chopped into 1/4-inch dice
1 box frozen spinach, 10 ounces, defrosted and wrung dry in towel
1 (15-ounce) can tomato sauce
1/2 cup pitted, chopped kalamata black olives
1 lemon, zested
1/2 cup chopped flat-leaf parsley
1/2 pound orzo pasta
1 1/2 cups crumbled feta cheese

Heat oven to 400 degrees F.

Cut pita rounds into 6 wedges each with knife or kitchen scissors. Scatter wedges onto a baking
sheet and spray with olive oil cooking spray. Season with salt and bake 10 minutes until golden.
Remove from the oven and cool.

Heat a large high sided skillet with extra-virgin olive oil, 2 turns of the pan, over medium- high
heat until oil ripples. Add beef or lamb, brown and crumble meat, about 5 minutes. Season the meat
with salt, pepper, oregano, cinnamon. Add the onions, garlic and eggplant and cook 6 to 7 minutes
then stir in spinach and tomato sauce. Simmer a few minutes and adjust seasonings.

Chop olives with lemon zest and parsley - Greek Gremolata!

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil and cook orzo according to box instructions.

Drain orzo and combine with meat goulash. Top bowls of goulash with feta cheese, pita chips and
olive gremolata

101 Things

This is an old BLOG I'm moving from MySpace. I asked hubby his opinion and we decided, what the heck!

Ok, my friend Sha posted her 101 things on her blog and challenged the rest of us to do the same. I have finally taken the time to do my 101 its your turn!

101 Things

1. I would give my life for my children
2. I'm less outgoing than I seem
3. Family and friends are my most valuable assets
4. I could live happily with much less than what I have
5. I hate buying clothes
6. I need to lose at least 40 pounds
7. My husband is my best friend
8. It may seem like I never cry but I do
9. I don't like to tell people why I'm upset
10. I am an only child
11. Both of my parents are deceased
12. I'm a Christian
13. My Church is like a second home/family to me
14. I memorize numbers easily
15. My worst subject was geography
16. My favorite subject was science
17. I'm very loyal
18. I love camping
19. I don't like birds
20. I hate to see people or animals suffer—even birds
21. I'm my own worst critic
22. I don't read as much as I would like to
23. I believe there's no sense doing something unless you do it right
24. I try to lead by example
25. I believe its more important to listen than try to offer advice
26. I love comfortable silence
27. I like to cuddle
28. I wish I had more time to train my dogs
29. I worry about being a burden to my family in the future
30. I believe you should always be kind, even when it isn't deserved
31. I really like my new cell phone
32. I wear very little jewelry because it drives me crazy
33. I have a bad temper, but it takes a lot to make me mad
34. I wish I were more patient, especially with my kids
35. I have trouble walking straight especially when I get too warm
36. I hate the way I look and always have
37. I have great self esteem in spite of 36
38. I like being alone
39. I wish I got to know my father
40. I'm very opinionated
41. I'm not very judgmental
42. I'm the least perfect person I know
43. I procrastinate too much
44. I work well under pressure
45. I like to drink alcohol but I don't like to be drunk
46. I want everyone to be happy always
47. I believe in the power of compromise
48. I want to take my kids on a cruise
49. I'm trying to be better about learning people's names
50. I once pierced my own ears using ice and a needle—very stupid
51. I wish I spent more time with friends
52. I'm a good problem solver
53. I'm the least artistic person I know
54. I used to make novelty cakes for my kids birthdays and I was good at it!
55. I like to mow grass
56. I hate shoveling snow
57. I can climb up anything- I just can't get back down (fear of heights)
58. I want to try skydiving
59. I like to fish
60. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my kids
61. I like to be alone when I'm upset
62. I don't understand why people smoke/chew
63. I want to visit Kansas
64. I'd normally never do something like this but I am because Sha asked me to!
65. I miss hanging out with my old friends from high school and college
66. I wish I was more of a greeting card sender—it's my goal to become one
67. I could not be more proud of my kids
68. I have a hard time keeping my opinions to myself
69. I wish I didn't have so many regrets
70. I'll never share all of my regrets with anyone
71. I hate talking about my problems
72. I love driving
73. I value my friends more than they will ever know
74. There's no one in my family that I don't like
75. I hate coffee, especially the smell
76. I think the sexiest thing a guy could wear is a black shirt and jeans or khaki pants
77. I don't like patterned or plaid shirts
78. I wear too much black/ brown/ navy blue
79. My favorite thing to wear is jeans and a sweatshirt
80. I like to people watch
81. I want to travel and see new places
82. I'd love to try scuba diving
83. I like picnics but I hate bugs in my food
84. I like to ride my bike
85. I appreciate my husband more than he will ever know
86. I wish I was a better friend
87. I like taking pictures
88. I hate having my picture taken
89. I hate cancer and illness
90. I need to exercise more
91. I think you should leave work at work
92. I hate asking for help
93. I avoid mirrors and cameras whenever possible
94. I wish I tanned naturally
95. I like to take chances but rarely do
96. I love surprises
97. I don't like to eat cold cheese, but I like it melted
98. I prefer to eat at home
99. I like living in my hometown
100. I have very few people in my life I feel I can really talk to
101. I could eat spaghetti every day for the rest of my life :-)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Damn dogs!

3AM and all is well. Not perfect, but ok! So, let's start with the fitness portion of this BLOG...
Exercise: None
Diet/ Nutrition: Poor
For exercise, I thought about riding my bike. Last summer I rode my bike a lot and loved it. This year I've only gone a handful of times and let's just say I did not love it. Maybe it's my general overall outlook that went in the crapper this year, and I should give the bike another chance.
For diet, I ate @ 2 scrambled eggs and 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with strawberry jam for breakfast. Lunch- I made a salami sandwich with Swiss cheese, onion and durkees and had blue corn chips on the side. For dinner, we made pizza. (S, please stop cringing!! LOL) Pizza may not be healthy, but it's a fun family dinner/ activity. My job is to organize the ingredients and do the prep work, like cut up the vegetables, prepare the crust, etc. We made 4 pizzas- the youngest-1, the oldest-1, Papa-1 and hubby and I made one. Well, when it came time I really made our pizza alone because hubby was MIA and I was being impatient. He didn't seem to mind though, so that's good. He'd did a quick inspection before we baked it and he seemed happy with what I put together. I think we all had fun, especially Papa. It was a first for him!
Moving on... while I was organizing dinner hubby set up the new Blue Ray Player I bought. The DVD player we have been using is super sensitive and simply won't play a movie without at least a few frustrating interruptions. Friday night we were trying to watch The Bourne Identity and during I think the 2nd glitch hubby said, I think this is a good incentive to save our sheckles and buy a Blue Ray (BR) player! He's wanted one for a while but I didn't think it made sense since we own A LOT of DVDs. Since then I've learned that BR players play both DVDs and BRs so I no longer had a reason not to get one. After dinner I made a quick trip to Hastings and rented a couple of BR-ROMs, and we watched the new Indiana Jones. It was really great! BIG difference in picture quality. Papa watched the entire movie, which is pretty indicative of how good it was. Hubby and I each got up a few times, but I don't think he moved once. I've never seen that man make it through more than half of a movie, and even that was not consecutively.
Why am I up, you ask? My 2 dogs sleep in the garage and started barking. I had to get up to see why. It turned out that Papa's dog was in the yard and my dogs knew it. Ugh! Nothing like a good dog rodeo at 3:30AM. I have a hard time falling back asleep once I am woken up so I decided to play on the computer instead of possibly waking up my hubby. I wish I remembered to grab my book before I closed that squeaky door! (note to self, buy WD-40)
Speaking of rodeo- we're going to Dillon today to see a concert tonight! I am very excited. I was trying to figure out who was playing and having little luck. I mentioned it online and a friend found the information for me! Woo hoo! Score one for social networking! LOL

Saturday, September 5, 2009

BLOG entry #1... The beginning!

So, yeah, I miss MySpace. I still have a MySpace account but Facebook has stolen the spotlight! MySpace is better of course, but apparently only a handful of my friends realize this. I never thought it would happen but I became a follower and went to Facebook. Why is this a BLOG-worthy subject? It's not, but it explains why I created a Blogger account. I don't think Facebook is a good place to BLOG!
Here's a bigger problem- what to BLOG about. (remember, I love the word BLOG so much I always capitalize it.) I have a friend that BLOGs about fitness and nutrition. I suppose I could BLOG about something like that but there would not be many entries I'm afraid. I love reading hers- it's very motivating and fun! I'm hoping one day (soon) it will pull me into the world of real exercise, and away from the Wii fit, which I actually used 2 days in a row. Once. A while ago...
Since we're on the topic of my exercise schedule... I was feeling pretty ambitious when they injected my foot. I got really excited and hoped for a miracle cure. No luck, there was no change. Well, actually there was a little bit of a change- now about 3 or 4 times a week I notice my ankle has swollen to about twice its actual size. I'm not sure if I'm just paying more attention now and that was happening all along, or if it is a new thing since they tried to fix that one tiny sore spot on my foot. My second cry-baby problem is a glitch I have in my leg. This is actually something I could BLOG about- my glitches. I keep meaning to track them, but don't. I think a visit to the chiropractor might help. I should make an appointment and see! My 20th high school reunion is next summer, so I really should make an attempt to lose some weight.
So- what will this BLOG be about? It's just going to be an online diary to place all of my rambling thoughts. I doubt I'll have many followers but I like to BLOG anyway! =)
Now I am off to clean my house. I think this is actually the messiest I think this house has been to date. I'm looking forward to shining it up and having clean bedding again! I'm sure it will make my hubby happy too! =)